A home of our own

We bought a house!

Well actually, we bought some land, which we’re building a house on. But nonetheless it’s ours, even though at this point it’s merely soil and bricks.

So we actually bought it a while ago, we had been thinking about it a lot and found a beautiful opportunity and decided to do it! Unfortunately a million things have come up and delayed the process, like I’m not even kidding it’s been nearly 3 years!

The first delay was because they found stones in the soil (uhhhhhh okay, it is soil, soil + stone is pretty normal?) but they had to do further testing which prolonged the process by a few months. Then of course there was the little pandemic, which caused all construction in Luxembourg to stop which caused another long delay, and of course numerous issues come up with logistics and covid now so it’s slower than it should be.

BUT, we are hopeful that we’ll be living in our house come Christmas. Fingers crossed!

All delays and mishaps aside, it has been so much fun designing our house! Although there are a lot of little things which to us seem over doing it and a bit of a nuisance (we don’t really care where each electrical socket goes) but the big stuff has been great and Pinterest has been my savior!

The house is 4 floors, 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Open concept kitchen and living area. Think big windows and clean lines. Our inspiration has been black and white and minimal. We typically are minimal in our decor so we haven’t had any big issues come up with us not agreeing on style.

Kitchen is all white with white marble, bathrooms are white with some black marble accents. Rooms will be individual depending on what the kids want and the floor is light grey wood optic ceramic tiles.

For now it’s still the bare structure but I can’t wait to see everything come together!

Here are some pictures, stay tuned to see it come to life! Also, any tips?! I feel like so many people have done this and found a million things they would have done differently, help a girl out!!


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