A Hot Minute!

Wow! It has been a hot minute! I dont even know where to begin, but I want to begin so that is what is most important. I have felt as of late that I am missing a creative outlet and I love blogging and creative social media so I thought I would get back on here and I am happy I did!

Well since we last spoke, we had 1 son and was pregnant with our daughter and we were living in Germany. Since then, 3 years ago, we have had our daughter, HI BABY A!! and had a third child, Hey mister F. Developed in my career, nearly completed my MBA (took a bit of time off there, woops!) and have moved to Luxembourg. I feel like I am forgetting something, oh yeah, and survived a PANDEMIC!!

What a ride it has been, but I am so thankful we are all doing well, and have eachother.

I am happy to be back here and can’t wait to catch the internet up on our life as of late!


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