To All The Moms

Motherhood is hard. Sleepless nights, countless heartbreak, being a doctor, chef, maid, therapist, encyclopedia, the list goes on.. while trying to remain a normal human and keep yourself going. It’s hard and a task mothers take on with such grace. I am so thankful to all the moms in the world for being a safeContinue reading “To All The Moms”



A home of our own

We bought a house! Well actually, we bought some land, which we’re building a house on. But nonetheless it’s ours, even though at this point it’s merely soil and bricks. So we actually bought it a while ago, we had been thinking about it a lot and found a beautiful opportunity and decided to doContinue reading “A home of our own”


‘Oh my baby falls asleep the second I start driving.’ ‘The humm of the car puts my newborn right to sleep.’ These are things you would never hear my husband or I say. Why you ask, because our son HATES the car. It isn’t a phase (everyone has told us this) it is sheer torture forContinue reading “NOT THE CAR!”

Vegan Blueberry Muffins 

Since going vegan I have had to make and adjust recipes to fit our new lifestyle. Something have turned out while others were better left to the imagination. These muffins are definitely one for the books! I make them for snacks, when people are coming to visit or when we visit others, for my husbandContinue reading “Vegan Blueberry Muffins “

I’m Lost

This February marks 6 consecutive years since I’ve been living abroad.  In those 6 years I’ve managed to go ‘home’ to Vancouver once or twice each year. Usually I get the homesick itch every 9 months or so (and it’s usually because I miss my favorite food or restaurants) and a short 2 week visitContinue reading “I’m Lost”

Why doesn’t anyone talk about it?!

Why doesn’t anyone talk about it?! -and by ‘it’ I mean post pardum emotions/thoughts/feelings/change -whatever you want to call it. Post pardum hormones are real, and it’s so frustrating that no one warns you about it. During pregnancy everyone told me to be prepared for birth (it was a valid point) be pelted for sleeplessContinue reading “Why doesn’t anyone talk about it?!”

Baby on the move 

This is a question I get asked a lot so I thought I’d start with it. Traveling with a baby! Living far from both my in-laws and family, as well as a passion for exploring, traveling, and in particular flying, will be the norm for our children. Our first big flight with little O wasContinue reading “Baby on the move “

Where to sleep?

Okay, full disclosure, we co-sleep and I love it! I know, I know, it’s horrible, the worst thing I could do for my child. He’ll get dependent on it. I’ll have to have him in our bed forever. -I’ve heard it all! But in the end it works for us, so I don’t need toContinue reading “Where to sleep?”