Casual Pregnancy Pictures

I really love capturing a moment. I love candid shots as well as shots which have been staged, what I don’t love, are the endless photos of me while pregnant that are, well, needless to say, unflattering. Am I alone on this one? Some days I don’t even feel like putting on makeup and otherContinue reading “Casual Pregnancy Pictures”

New Years Eve in Style

Are you guys ready to ring in the new year? We are so excited for what 2016 has to offer us. Somehow I always say that the previous year was so amazing, but they just keep getting better, how is it possible!! 2015 was really good to us. We did so many things, of courseContinue reading “New Years Eve in Style”

Minimalist Maternity Wardrobe

I had every intention to have a cute, minimalist, stylish wardrobe when I got pregnant (doesn’t every woman?)-until it came time to actually find clothes. Of course, before I got pregnant I had never looked into maternity clothes, but now that the time has come, trying to find things that are comfortable, flattering and aren’tContinue reading “Minimalist Maternity Wardrobe”