Bathe everyday

I have found in the short 6 months I have been a mom (crazy how fast it goes by) that this is a very controversial topic. Whether or not to bathe your child every day. Lets get down to it. A lot of mothers have heard that you should not bathe babies every day becauseContinue reading “Bathe everyday”


See ya, Dairy!

Alright, so it has been a while but I’m starting to get into the swing of things. However, as you probably remember post and can understand where I am coming from. I can never seem to get too comfortable without my little guy spicing things up again. So here goes, my third attempt of gettingContinue reading “See ya, Dairy!”

The smartest person in the room

A month ago I was inspired by a holiday themed post about how to deal with family over the holidays. It noted that the quietest person is often the smartest, which really got my wheels turning. I sat back, thought about it, and had to dive in a little deeper. I thought about the people I know fromContinue reading “The smartest person in the room”