To All The Moms

Motherhood is hard. Sleepless nights, countless heartbreak, being a doctor, chef, maid, therapist, encyclopedia, the list goes on.. while trying to remain a normal human and keep yourself going. It’s hard and a task mothers take on with such grace. I am so thankful to all the moms in the world for being a safeContinue reading “To All The Moms”

Casual Pregnancy Pictures

I really love capturing a moment. I love candid shots as well as shots which have been staged, what I don’t love, are the endless photos of me while pregnant that are, well, needless to say, unflattering. Am I alone on this one? Some days I don’t even feel like putting on makeup and otherContinue reading “Casual Pregnancy Pictures”

Merry Christmas!

I hope every one of you is having a wonderful day where ever in the world you are. Christmas this year isn’t too exciting for us but will nevertheless be a great few days spent together getting ready for our little boy. We decided this year not to visit family as it would require eitherContinue reading “Merry Christmas!”