‘Oh my baby falls asleep the second I start driving.’ ‘The humm of the car puts my newborn right to sleep.’ These are things you would never hear my husband or I say. Why you ask, because our son HATES the car. It isn’t a phase (everyone has told us this) it is sheer torture forContinue reading “NOT THE CAR!”

I’m Lost

This February marks 6 consecutive years since I’ve been living abroad.  In those 6 years I’ve managed to go ‘home’ to Vancouver once or twice each year. Usually I get the homesick itch every 9 months or so (and it’s usually because I miss my favorite food or restaurants) and a short 2 week visitContinue reading “I’m Lost”

Baby on the move 

This is a question I get asked a lot so I thought I’d start with it. Traveling with a baby! Living far from both my in-laws and family, as well as a passion for exploring, traveling, and in particular flying, will be the norm for our children. Our first big flight with little O wasContinue reading “Baby on the move “